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Annual Report

Carolina Farm Stewardship Association

CFSA is a nonprofit that helps people in the Carolinas grow and eat local, organic food. This annual report highlights CFSA’s impact by showcasing data in infographics, detailing project results, and telling the stories of local farmers. It concludes with a call to support CFSA.

White Paper

Cloud for Good

Cloud for Good helps nonprofits implement Salesforce for engagement and fundraising. Here you’ll see a company overview, a whitepaper about email marketing, and a couple client success stories.

User Manuals


spencer is an in-home medication dispenser. These manuals are interactive PDFs that explain the dispenser and the pharmacy-side packaging spooler in spencer’s human-centered, friendly tone.

Demo Reel

Samples of video work for a variety of clients, shown in chronological order, newest to oldest:

  • Dress for Success client story videos for 2017 end-of-year contribution fundraising, created using footage provided by the client
  • Parata Perl promotional video, edited using rotoscoping to replace the logo on the Perl device
  • Parata intro videos for software releases, including animated software screenshots, recorded on-site at Parata headquarters
  • Focus video created to test camera motion in After Effects
  • An assortment of animated bluetooth headset and cell phone promos for LG

Full-length versions of the videos in this demo reel, as well as some of my older video work, are available on my vimeo page and my Parata youtube playlist.



Both the spencer device interface and its companion web portal, spencerCare, were designed with accessibility and novice tech users in mind.

Email Marketing


These HTML email templates were designed and hand-coded to be compatible across all email clients, devices, and email service providers.

Pitch Deck

Tiger Eye

Tiger Eye was a start-up that created a wearable, hands-free security monitor to collect evidence and call for help in the event of an assault. This PowerPoint presentation was used during an early round of investor fundraising.

Conference materials

Carolina Farm Stewardship Association

CFSA has been hosting the Sustainable Agriculture Conference for over 30 years, with Dana Paige Trentlage designing all conference materials for 7 years running.



The spencer packaging is designed to be reusable as a carrying case for the device. Here you will also see the medication refill packaging with its loading instructional graphic.

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